City Gear The League 2014 Summer Basketball: Schedule


Sunday, June 15

Noon vs McCluskey Chevrolet

1pm     Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs Clovernook Health Care

2pm      SLATS vs Sportsco

3pm vs Deer Park Roofing

4pm     City Taxx vs Jackson All-Stars

Saturday, June 21

Noon vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law

1pm         McCluskey Chevrolet vs Jackson All-Stars

2pm         Deer Park Roofing vs City Taxx 

3pm vs

4pm         Clovernook Health Care vs SLATS

Sunday, June 22

Noon  City Taxx  vs. Sportsco

   Jackson All-Stars vs Deer Park Roofing

,  Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs McCluskey Chevrolet
3pm    SLATS vs

4pm vs Clovernook Health Care 

Saturday, June 28

Noon   Clovernook Health Care vs City Taxx 

1pm vs  

2pm     Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs SLATS

3pm     McCluskey Chevrolet  vs Deer Park Roofing

4pm     Sportsco vs Jackson All-Stars

Sunday, June 29

Noon   McCluskey Chevrolet vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office

1pm     City Taxx vs

2pm     Jackson All-Stars vs Clovernook Health Carevs 

3pm      Deer Park Roofing vs Sportsco


 Saturday, July 12

Noon  McCluskey Chevrolet vs Sportsco

1pm   Clovernook Health Care vs Deer Park Roofing 

2pm vs Jackson Al-Stars

3pm   Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs City Taxx

4pm   SLATS vs

                                                               Sunday, July 13

Noon: vs McCluskey Chevrolet

1pm:   City Taxx vs vs SLATS

2pm    Jackson All-Stars vs Raeshon R. Mansoor Law Office

 Deer Park Roofing vs 

4pm: , Sportsco vs Clovernook Health Care 

                                     Saturday, July 19

Noon vs City Taxx 

1pm    McCluskey Chevrolet  vs Clovernook Health Care  vs SLATS

2pm: vs Sportsco

3pm:   Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs Deer Park Roofing

4pm:   SLATS vs Jackson All-Stars
                                     Sunday, July 20

Noon    Sportsco vs  Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office  

1pm     Clovernook Health Care vs

2pm    City Taxx vs McCluskey Chevrolet  

3pm    Jackson All-Stars vs

4pm   Deer Park Roofing vs SLATS

                                     End of regular season


, July 26



                       Sunday, July 27






                      Friday, August 1




                           Saturday, August 2
                       CHAMPIONSHIP GAME










Pointstreak welcomes the 
   City G.E.A.R Summer Basketball League

Toronto, ON - Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Deveroes Summer Basketball League to be their official real-time statistics supplier.

The City G.E.A.R Summer League is the premier summer league in the Cincinnati area.. With numerous professional players returning to the Cincinnati area and joining players from major Division I College programs such as Xavier, Cincinnati, and Miami of Ohio, the league has gained traction as the place for elite players to test their games against the best competition in the region.

With the ability to webcast all games in real-time, and display full league and game statistics City G.E.A.R League Operations Manager, Billy Sherman sees Pointstreak Stats as another reason for players, fans, and media to follow the action. “While using the Pointstreak platform we can provide our fans, players and local media outlets with full game and league statistics in real-time. Pointstreak’s services will give our basketball league and players the ability to gain recognition in not only the Cincinnati area, but across the summer league circuit.” said Mr. Sherman.

Pointstreak looks forward to webcasting all summer league games in real-time. You can follow the action at Games are slated to begin Sunday, June 15th at 12pm.


Shaming of the True

A fresh and unique blending of two traditionally disconnected topics---spirituality and sports. Follow Sly Young as he attempts to accomplish the feat of playing professionally in the three major sports using positive character traits taught through scripture.

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